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Promise Pending Gail MacMillan

Promise Pending

Gail MacMillan

Published July 30th 2013
Kindle Edition
192 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Vanessa Walsh promises her editor, Teddi, that she will not become involved with the man to be interviewed fo the bachelor-of-the-month magazine column she is writing, she has not yet met handsome, charismatic bachelor Barret Madison. Recently betrayed in love, Vanessa welcomes the chance to get away from New York, and she anticipates no problem in keeping her vow.Determinged to be coldly professional, she journeys to the wilderness park Barret is desperately trying to save from desctruction. Soon, however, she finds herself not only falling in love with the park and with the mans rugged lifestyle, but also with Barret Madison himself. Haunted by her promise, Vanessa desperately tries to deny her feelings. Breaking her word would be bad enough if Teddi were only her editor, but for Vanessa the situation is much worse- Teddi is also her mother!